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Sarah’s mini session on Mount Davis

Its a great surprise and I am so grateful to have Sarah in my mini session with her lovely boys; a super hot day in April, on my favorite spot Mount Davis, we chose the already not too hot hours when the sun was setting down. The beautiful summer light around 6pm was the most phenomenal. I didn’t bring any lights with me only one 100mm lens and in fact I got my assistant shooting them from the front all time and I was trying to make it casual from the side, it turned out pretty good. So happy to see the lovely family. =)

sarah_family_2016_6-1 sarah_family_2016_6-2 sarah_family_2016_6-3 sarah_family_2016_6-6 sarah_family_2016_6-8 sarah_family_2016_6-11 sarah_family_2016_6-12 sarah_family_2016_6-13 sarah_family_2016_6-14 sarah_family_2016_6-17 sarah_family_2016_6-22 sarah_family_2016_6-31 sarah_family_2016_6-33 sarah_family_2016_6-34 sarah_family_2016_6-46 sarah_family_2016_6-47 sarah_family_2016_6-49

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