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FlexTT5 Loose Hotshoe with SB900 on

There are a lot of times we use off-camera flash, but the beauty of having a FlexTT5 is you can put a flash on top of its hotshoe. There you can easily have two light source working at the same time. One on your camera and one off your camera.

It’s been a while I swtiched from Canon to everything Nikon for work. I always find Canon’s flash less sturdy but their 580ex2’s new hotshoe lock worked pretty good for me, and it’s quite quick and easy to take on and off. The Nikon SB-900, however, uses a whole different design, it’s tight on the D3s, but it feels a little loose on the Pocketwizard FlexTT5.

I was fiddling around and found a great way to tighten it up. There’s a spring leaf under the hotshoe of the FlexTT5, I cut a piece of double sided foam tape, basically a 1mm x 3mm piece of 3M foam tape and stick it under the spring leaf.

You can use a screw driver to push that tape underneath the spring leaf. It’s quite easy, and because the foam tape is double sided with glue.

Even you vigorously push the tape in, the sticky backs will make it stay under the spring leaf forever. It took me 2 mins to do it and now the SB-900 sits tightly on top of the flexTT5. If your hotshoe is super loose on the FlexTT5, you can try cutting another one for the other side of the spring leaf, but I only cut one and already tighten it so much so I am happy. =)

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